SKINSKOOL Skincare Compare™ Cosmetics Next Time You’re at the mall and need makeup in a Pinch, There’s the new forever 21 premium Cosmetics Line

Next Time You’re at the mall and need makeup in a Pinch, There’s the new forever 21 premium Cosmetics Line

wearing a few things from the new forever 21 premium Cosmetics line
Have you heard the mall word? forever 21 has a new premium Cosmetics makeup line, and errr-thing in it is $18 or less.

Packaging for the new forever 21 premium Cosmetics line…
Exciting stuff, right? but after trying a few things from the line, I gotta say…I feel the same way about many of these pieces as I do when I see cute clothes in forever 21 stores. I’m attracted by the prices and how cute the clothes look from afar, but then I try some things on, and I’m like, “Eh, OK.”


Not to say that I haven’t found some winners in the new line. Minulla on. I mean, if I ever lost my makeup bag on a trip and walked by a forever 21 store at the mall, I know I’d be able to find something in there to get through the day.

I just don’t know if I’d seek out a forever 21 store specifically for these new products — at least the few I’ve tried.

Here are some thoughts on five pieces from the line…


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

Forever 21 premium Cosmetics Baked Bronzer ($4.80)

Like Goldilocks said when she tried the first bowl of porridge, “this one’s too hot!”

Tai jotain sellaista. too shimmery, in this case. I feel like this peachy golden bronze is a little too shimmery to use as a conventional bronzer. For contouring and adding warmth, I think it’s a tad too shiny, at least for me, but as a highlighter on the upper cheekbones, it’s, to quote Tony the Tiger, “Greaaaat!”

A little like a MAC MSF but harder, and not as silky smooth, it has very fine micro-shimmer, and the powder sits nicely on the skin.

Baked Bronzer ($4.80)
Frosted Eye shadow in Sapphire ($7.80)

This blackened blue shimmery shadow avoids drama. Soft and silky, it easily buffs and blends, and the tiny flecks of glitter make it look muy expensive. Minä pidän…

Frosted Eye shadow in Sapphire ($7.80)
Gel eyeliner in Black ($8.80)

More like a grayish black than a true midnight, at least on my NC42 skin. I need several layers (from 4-5) to reach full opacity.

That’s kind of a pain…but the liner doesn’t smear or transfer into my crease, which is a plus.

Gel eyeliner in Black ($8.80)

Volume & length Mascara ($9.80)

This just slightly amplifies the length and volume of my lashes. The effect is visible but nothing to write home about.

Volume & length Mascara ($9.80)
Lip Gloss in Daquiri ($7.80)

Tastes like dish soap.

Lip Gloss in Daquiri ($7.80)
Swatches from the left: Lip Gloss in Daquiri, Frosted Eye shadow in Sapphire, Baked Bronzer, Gel eyeliner in Black and volume and length Mascara
Wearing Lip Gloss in Daquiri on my lips, Frosted Eye shadow in Sapphire on my lower lash lines, Baked Bronzer on my cheeks, Gel eyeliner in Black on my upper lash lines and volume and length Mascara on my lashes
If you’re curious, the new forever 21 premium Cosmetics line is available now at forever 21 stores and

“Mitä järkeä? The cat will just destroy it anyway.”

Rakasta tätä!
Not sure if I’ve ever discussed this before, which is amazing seeing as how I’ve said practically everything else there is to say over the past zillion years, but I have a thing for maps. I think they’re very cool, especially old-timey vintage maps.

I’m telling you this because I saw this cute Tradewinds duvet set on

I looooove it! love the colors, the map print, the matching pillows. rakastan sitä!

Only thing is, I’d probably never get it for myself because I know that Tabs would either 1) leave niblets of poop on it, or 2) tear it apart with his wolverine-like death claws.


Because one of his favorite things is to run and jump across the bed at full speed, he’s already ruined our current duvet cover.

It’s a boring, faded solid lavender we’ve had for seven or eight years, though, so it’s not a huge loss…

I know I ought to probably replace it soon because it’s pretty ratty, but each time I think about getting a new one, I think, “What’s the point? The cat will just destroy it anyway.”


Haha! I’m sighing a lot today.

Do your animals keep their claws away from your good home stuff, or do they have an appetite for destruction like Tabs?

Ystävällinen naapuruston charmin addict,



P.S. heat has BEEN RESTORED!!!

Gas, I haz it, yay!

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