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The MAC Rocky horror photo show Collection: even If You Don’t understand the Show, the Swanky Red Lips Still Make This photo a celebration

The place: biology class, James Logan High School, Union City, California.

The time: the early 1990s…


Karen’s head pulsed as she believed about exactly how far behind she was on memorizing her SAT vocabulary. “Seriously,” she stated to Jen, “I would like to go, however I can’t. I have as well much SAT stuff to get through.”

Jen crinkled the Snickers wrapper as well as tossed it at Karen. “Party pooper,” Jen said. “You’re gonna regret this someday. mark my words.”

You’re most likely right, Karen thought, agreeing to herself, even though she didn’t understand anything whatsoever about this Rocky horror photo show business. What was it anyway? Elokuva? A play?


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

Honestly, though, looking back on it now, truer words were never spoken. besides these years, I desire I’d stated indeed to Jen that night, as well as all of the third-wheeling as well as vegetable-throwing I later discovered out I’d missed.

On top of that, if I’d really gone with Jen to see the show, I’d most likely comprehend the references in the new MAC Rocky horror photo show collection better, since best now…I don’t comprehend them at all.

Not one bit.

The restricted edition 21-piece release of new as well as re-promoted products is offered now on the internet as well as concerning MAC stores as well as counters October 2 though October 30.

For somebody completely unfamiliar with the Rocky horror photo Show, like yours truly, overlooking the truth that I don’t get any type of of the inside jokes, I still believe the collection is worth inspecting out…even though, admittedly, it’s not moving me as much as MAC Brooke Shields does.

Wearing MAC Lipstick in unusual Journey, from the new Rocky horror photo show collection offered now online
Along with some remarkable red lip colors, there’s likewise a truly intense burgundy pigment (so pretty!), loose glitters, a combination of six cool-toned eyeshadows as well as a couple of Greasepaint Sticks, among other things, however none of those others stand apart to me like the four red lipsticks. For me, the red lippies, especially unusual Journey, the smooth matte yellowish red, with its 1940s pinup sensibilities (looks legendary in pictures!), are the stars of this launch.

Back to the early ’90s…

Karen stood by her locker, her biology book as well as binder in hand, wondering if she had time to touch up her lipstick before her very first class. She looked up at the clock in the hallway, realized that she was about 30 seconds from being late, as well as slammed her locker door.

One day, she thought, I will get my lipstick on before the bell rings, as well as on that day, angels will sing. She sprinted to class as well as slipped into her seat, just as the bell rang.

Her finest buddy Jen sat next to her. She peeled open a Snickers bar, broke it in two, as well as handed Karen the bigger piece. “Breakfast of champions,” Jen said.

“Thanks,” Karen said, as she took a bite. She fished her homework (“mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell!”) out of her binder, as well as viewed her teacher, Mr. Greene, dressed in his typical uniform of a rumpled short-sleeve t-shirt as well as khakis, shuffle papers at the front of class. crossing the space he practically tripped over his own feet. somebody please get that guy some coffee, Karen thought.

She waited for Mr. Greene’s customary greeting. “Class,” he ultimately said, “why don’t you spend five minutes double-checking your homework while I set up, yes?”

That was their cue to begin chatting.

Jen lightly tapped her pencil on the side of her desk as well as leaned in. “James Trejo asked me out this morning,” she said.

Rocky horror Eye shadow X 6 in Riff Raff
Karen wrinkled her nose. “You imply James Trejo from drama class? like on a date? Ew.”

“What do you mean, ‘Ew’?” Jen said, scratching at the fading screen print of Bart Simpson on her jeans. “He’s type of cute.”

“He creeps me out,” Karen replied. “I’ve caught him staring at my neck a few times.” She paused. “It was odd. as well as why does he always wear vests?”

Eye shadow X 6 in Riff Raff, $44
Jen’s eyes went broad as she flashed her million-dollar smile. “He asked me to go to see Rocky horror photo show with him on Saturday.”

Jen waited as if expecting a response.

Rocky horror Pigment as well as Glitters
Eventually, Karen realized what Jen was asking. “Jen?” Karen said. “Nuh-uh. Ei ei ei.”

“Ole kiltti?” Jen begged. “Pyydän Pyydän Pyydän!”

From the left: Pigment in It’s Not simple having a great Time, shine in Gold as well as shine in 3D ($23 each)
Karen shook her head. “Ei todellakaan. Nope. You’re gonna have to discover one more chaperone. I’m not doing it again. Why don’t you ask Cindy?”

“I already did,” Jen said. “She’s going skiing this weekend.”

Rocky horror Lipsticks
“So,” Karen said, increasing an eyebrow, “I’m your sloppy seconds?”

“Well…” Jen replied, “Look, all you have to do is come to dinner as well as the movie. Ole kiltti? You understand my parents won’t let me go out unless there’s somebody accountable with me. I’d do it for you!”

Lipsticks from the delegated the right: unusual Journey, Oblivion, transgression as well as Fran-N-Furter ($17.50 each)

Karen sighed. “I know, however it’s like third-wheeling it with you as well as your dates is my second task these days. Why you gotta be so cute?”

Greasepaint Sticks in Black (left) as well as B (right), $21 each
Jen’s eyes lit up, as well as her voice handled the exact same singsongy high quality she utilized when she assisted clients on the sales floor at Contempo Casuals. “Trust me,” she said. “Se tulee olemaan hauskaa! James states that everybody uses costumes when they see it, as well as if you’re new, you get taken as much as the front, as well as people throw vegetables at you…”

Eye shadow X 6 in Riff Raff
Karen paused to let that sink in. “Oh, hell no!” hän sanoi. “There will be no throwing of carrots at this girl’s head, as well as I have to study, anyway.”

“You’re going to make me draw out the huge guns, aren’t you?” asked Jen. Karen did not respond.

“OK, fine,” Jen continued. “If you choose me on Saturday night, I’ll persuade Cindy to let you do her makeup.”

Greasepaint Stick Swatches in Black as well as B
Karen bit down on the side of her pencil, hard. She’d been trying to do a makeover on Cindy, the local tomboy in their BFF triumvirate, for years, however Cindy always refused. Karen understood that Jen, with her supernatural powers of persuasion, would be able to get Cindy to agree.

Glitter in Gold, shine in 3D Black as well as Pigment in It’s Not simple having a great Time
Tempting, Karen thought, however no dice. having celery chucked at her head wasn’t her concept of a great time. Karen pursed her lips as well as shook her head firmly. Ei.

Swatches from the left: unusual Journey, Oblivion, transgression as well as Frank-N-Furter
Jen kept trying. “You drive a difficult bargain, missy,” she said. “OK, I’ll get Cindy to state indeed to a makeover, as well as then I’ll drive you to the MAC store in San Jose, as well as you can stay there as long as you want.”

Lipstick in Oblivion
Karen didn’t have a car, because of a firm belief held by her parents that all teens belonged on public transportation, as well as not behind the wheel of a car. As far as she was concerned, a trip to the MAC store in San Jose was worth being the third wheel on a million dates. Plus, she needed a new tube of MAC Paramount.

She drew a sluggish breath. “Oh, you did not just go there.”

Jen smiled, sensing victory. “Oh, indeed I did.”

Lipstick in Sin
Lipstick in Frank-N-Furter
Karen believed about her dwindling tube of Paramount, then wondered what James Trejo’s date night vest looked like. It would likely be covered with photos of his own face, because each time she ever spoke with James, all he did was talk about himself.


Ugh. If she went along, would James believe he was dating two women at once? The believed horrified her, however keeping that much makeup involved, one does what one has to do.

The MAC Rocky horror photo show collection includes…

Matte Lipstick in unusual Journey, a yellowish brick red ($17.50 US/$21 CDN)
Amplified Lipstick in Oblivion, a vibrant bluish-red ($17.50 US/$21 CDN)
Matte Lipstick in Sin, a deep dark bluish red ($17.50 US/$21 CDN)
Matte Lipstick in Frank-N-Furter, a deep raspberry red wine ($17.50 US/$21 CDN)
Lip Pencil in Vino, an intense violet purple ($16 US/$19 CDN)
Glitter in Gold, a sparkling chunky gold ($23 US/$28 CDN)
Glitter in 3D Black, a black with silver holographic impact ($23 US/$28 CDN)
Pigment in It’s Not simple having a great Time, a sparkling burgundy ($23 US/$28 CDN)
Chromagraphic Pencil in Black Black, a black ($16 US/$19 CDN)
Chromagraphic Pencil in fundamental Red, a main red ($16 US/$19 CDN)
Greasepaint Stick in B, a bright yellowish blue ($21 US/$25 CDN)
Greasepaint Stick in Black, an intense black ($21 US/$25 CDN)
Superslick liquid Eye liner in on the Hunt, a true black ($20 US/$24 CDN)
Zoom quick Black Lash Mascara, a deep black ($17 US/$20 CDN)
Powder blush in Crazed Imagination, a soft plum with a hint of pinkish pearl ($24 US/$28.50 CDN)
Sculpt as well as shape Powder in Bone Beige/Emphasize, a pale cream as well as a tan ($27.50 US/$33 CDN)
Set Powder in Invisible, $35
Nail Lacquer in poor Fairy, a red with red multi-changing pearl ($13.50 US/$16 CDN)
Nail Lacquer in Formidable, a teal eco-friendly with pink multi-changing pearl ($13.50 US/$16 CDN)
Lashes in 7 Lash ($18.50 US/$22 CDN)
Eye shadow X 6 in Riff-Raff ($44 US/$53 CDN), which contains…

Graphic Style, a deep silver with a Veluxe Pearl finish

Oh, Rocky!!!, a soft soft white with pearl as well as a Frost finish

Carbon Black, an intense black with a MAtte viimeistely

Raskas, musta sekä riipus, harmaa sininen ja helmi sekä pakkas

Blackberry, a, mykistetty burgundy-luumari ruskea matta

Kristalli, violetti duo-kromi helmi sekä pakkaspinta

Ystävällinen yhteisön charmin addict,


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