SKINSKOOL Skincare Compare™ Cosmetics These Meteors shower Skin With Iridescent Pink as well as Gold: Guerlain’s Météorites Perles Les Ors primer

These Meteors shower Skin With Iridescent Pink as well as Gold: Guerlain’s Météorites Perles Les Ors primer

The new restricted edition Guerlain Météorites Perles Les Ors primer ($71)
Snow globes.

You understand snow globes?


That’s what Guerlain’s new $71 Météorites Perles Les Ors primer reminds me of — a snow globe. as well as meteoric pearls.

Sometimes I just suggestion the bottle up as well as down, back as well as forth, to view the shimmery pink, white as well as gold highlighting beads slink with the remove gel…



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Guerlain’s great about sumptuous details as well as design, aren’t they? I believe it’s just neat, like makeup eye candy. Amazingly to me, the delicate bit beads don’t break down in the gel. I assumption they’re just waiting to be loved.

The restricted edition deal with primer bursts with Earth’s environment with the Terra Ora collection next month. They’re developed to prolong the wear time of deal with makeup when used beneath it (handy in hot weather!), or to be used alone on bare skin to impart a pinkish golden iridescence while making pores appear to softly fade away into the background…

The bottle includes a pump. pressing it magically mixes the pearls with the remove base, as well as out comes an oil-controlling shimmery pinkish golden gel.

I believe it works alright as a primer — perhaps as a “diet primer” or “primer light.” It feels good as well as light on my skin, which I like, however it is awfully expensive.

You can certainly discover other primers that soften the appearance of your pores as well as manage oil much more efficiently for less, as well as I feel like it’s practically a pity to cover its iridescent pink as well as gold with foundation…

I choose to utilize Météorites Perles Les Ors much more to spotlight bare skin. The primer smooths as well as softens my pores as well as fine lines just sufficient — just timid of mannequin skin — as well as the pink as well as golden tones look breathtaking with just the faintest bit of bronzer dusted on top.

Guerlain Meteorites Perles Les Ors primer unblended on the left as well as mixed on the best (see the luminous hint of pink, yellow as well as gold?)

Is it a summertime must-have?

Well, I believe it may be if your skin’s already in excellent shape, as well as you truly don’t requirement or want much coverage. I do have to say, though, that if I had to select one huge splurge product this season from Guerlain, I’d most likely pick the Terra Nerolia bronzer instead… I just feel like it’s much more practical.

Maybe not rather as fascinating or unique, however something I’d utilize much more often.

PRICE: $71 (okay, WOW!)
AVAILABILITY: Coming may to Guerlain counters as well as online
MAKEUP as well as charm blog RATING: B

Rise as well as shine!


So I woke up in a unusual method this morning. I was sleeping on my stomach (something I seldom do since I’m typically a back sleeper) when I felt something warm as well as heavy on my upper back.

Then it started fiddling with my hair…

Apparently, Tabs was so determined to get me up that he couldn’t wait up until I rolled over, where he might climb up on my breast like he typically does, so he just settled for my back.

Ah, cats…

How’s it goin’ today? Whatcha up to?

I’m just doing the typical up until this afternoon. then I have a woman date at the frozen yogurt shop with my good friend Marisol.

I’m already salivating about the essential lime froyo with birthday cake sprinkles I plan to inhale…


I much better hit the treadmill before I lose my willpower.

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