SKINSKOOL Skincare Compare™ Cosmetics Trash stock 2016 summary

Trash stock 2016 summary

I started this custom last year as well as I’ll continue as long as I keep up with my empties.  This is what 12 months’ worth of empties looks like:

 And because I have last year’s trash stock stats, I can likewise do some year over year comparisons!

This publish took a great deal of time to put together – however I’m not complaining here. The nerd in me enjoys in compiling all of the stats on a spreadsheet:

 I ought to note that there were 2 months that I skipped this year because of getaway (May as well as September), so those empties were grouped into the complying with months – this skewed the monthly totals slightly.  So for those integrated months, I just split them in half to show up at monthly averages.

Stats of my 2016 trash Stash:

• I completed 280 products, of which 66 were sample sized, as well as 214 were full sized.  This is an enhancement of 62% over 2015 when I completed 173 items!

• On average, I completed 23.3 products per month (sample as well as full sized)

• The typical score I provided to all the products was 7.8 out of 10, which is precisely the exact same as my 2015 rating!

• Skincare once again was the primary product type I completed up (45%) then body / hair products (30%) as well as then makeup (25%). The breakdown of these products shifted from 2015 – makeup enhanced as well as body / hair decreased.

• Mascaras comprise the bulk of my makeup empties: I tossed out 30 mascaras, mascara base, mascara top coats in 2016!

• I specified that I would repurchase 47% or what I utilized up, with 36% that I would not. I stated “maybe” to 17% of the products.

• I only provided one product a 1/10 score as well as that honour goes to Mary Kay Lash Primer. It uncurled my lashes as well as I utilized it when as well as tossed it!  On the other hand, I provided 38 products a 10/10 rating!

If you’ve missed any type of of my trash stock messages from 2016, right here they all are:

January 2016

February 2016

March 2016

April 2016

May & June 2016

July 2016

August 2016

September & October 2016

November 2016

December 2016

Let’s see if I can hit 365 empties for 2017 – actually one empty product per day. Do you believe that’s doable?

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