SKINSKOOL Skincare Compare™ Cosmetics Say hello to the Gals in the benefit holiday 2016 Sassy Lassie, Girl-A-Rama and Kissy Missy sets

Say hello to the Gals in the benefit holiday 2016 Sassy Lassie, Girl-A-Rama and Kissy Missy sets

Hey, cuties!
Babycakes, on a scale of “1” to full-blown Ricksanity, where do you think I’d stand if I were to walk into a beauty salon with Benefit’s Kissy Missy holiday 2016 set and said, “Do this to my hair”?



I’d wanna hang with a girl with bubblegum pink hair and big-@ss hoops. I bet she’d be cool as hell!

I want to hang with all of the girls on these new holiday sets from Benefit. These chicas are three of the six new holiday 2016 benefit sets that officially arrive on counters September 30 (although I’ve already seen a few of them at Ulta).

Benefit holiday 2016 Sassy Lassie set ($39)
The benefit Girl-A-Rama set ($36) and Kissy Missy set ($26)
Benefit loves their limited edition sets, and these have products — some with minis, some with full-size pieces and some with a combination of both — from their permanent line.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

Of course, Benetint and Hoola make appearances, as they so often do each year (like in the $39 Sassy Lassie set here), but every once in a while benefit will put newer items in a set, and that’s the case with the $46 Girl-A-Rama set, which has the new They’re real Duo shadow Blender in Brazen Bronze, and the Kissy Missy set, which has small versions of the new They’re real double the Lip Lipsticks in Revved-Up Red and Pink Thrills.

Kissy Missy

I’ve always liked Benefit’s laid-back, lighthearted method to makeup because it isn’t intimidating. Like, you could easily whoop-whoop the Brazen Bronze duo from the Girl-A-Rama set on your lids in the restroom at work.

Hardcore makeup fiends might crave much more pigment and a little less fallout. They may also want to use something other than the included funky rounded sponge applicator to apply the colors with, because I tried using it just for kicks, and it’s OK… but I’d rather use a brush, ’cause I got muscle memory like että.

Sassy Lassie
I’m wearing the eyeshadow, blush, mascara and primer from Girl-A-Rama on my eyes and cheeks. On my lips, I’m wearing the red lipstick from Kissy Missy. I’m also wearing Hula bronzer from Sassy Lassie on my face and on my eyes (in the crease).
And the matte lipsticks in Kissy Missy have a tear drop-shaped bullet to really get into the corners of your Cupid’s bow and reach the outer edges of your lips.

I like the bright colors and matte finish, buuuut I do think they’re a tad drying.

More deets on the kits…

Benefit holiday 2016 Kissy Missy set, $26 (a $40 value)

Benefit Girl-A-Rama set, $36

Benefit Kissy Missy set, $26

Mini Lollitint

Mini Benetint

Mini They’re real double The Lip in Revved-Up Red (new)

Mini They’re real double The Lip in Pink Thrills (new)

Available at benefit counters, boutiques, Ulta and online

Benefit Girl-A-Rama set, $36 (a $77 value)

Mini Roller Lash Mascara

Mini POREFessional

Mini Benetint

Mini Coralista and Roackateur Blushes

They’re real Duo shadow in Brazen Bronze (new)

Available at benefit counters, boutiques, Ulta and online

Benefit Sassy Lassie, $39 (a $94 value)

Full-size Roller Lash Mascara

Full-size POREFessional

Full-size Ka-Brow Creme-Gel color in 03 Medium

Mini Hoola Matte Bronzing Powder

Available exclusively at Sephora and the benefit website

I think these will be fun gifts to give or get, especially if you’re new to makeup or know someone who wants to explore easy-to-wear products and isn’t quite ready to roll up to a MAC counter.


Ystävällinen naapuruston charmin addict,


P.S. TGIF!!!

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