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What I’m Bringing to Japan (Travel Skincare)

While I tend to pack light for my makeup, I don’t skim when it pertains to skincare when I travel. Olen kiinnostunut ihonhoitotuotteestani ja ylläpidä vielä erillisiä tuotteita päivälle ja yöaikaan.

This is why it’s crucial for me to hoard travel sizes of my much-loved products when I find them! If not, I just decant them into travel size containers.

These are pretty much provided in the buy in which I use the products.


• Shiseido Extra Creamy Cleansing Foam

• Smashbox photo finish primer Water – ugh, I’m forcing myself to use this. I decanted from the big bottle into this travel spray bottle. and I added about half a tablespoon of plain glycerin. I checked this concoction and it’s decent. Still don’t love it but I’ll use it up.

• Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum / Biotherm Vichy AquaSource Deep Serum – the trouble with these little gwp size is that they’re not large enough to last 2 weeks so I’m taking 2 just in case.

• Clinique drastically different Moisturizing Lotion

• MAC fast action eye cream

• Clarins UV plus SPF 40 Day screen Tint – I got this recently and I love it! It’s a mineral sunscreen – very lightweight and supplies a great foundation base.

• Consonant Skincare The best Sunscreen SPF 30 – considering that we’ll be spending a lot more time than normal outdoors, I’d doubling / tripling up my sunscreen. I’ll keep this in my purse for emergency situations (my SO’s ears and back of neck are prone to getting burned!)

• ColoreScience Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen Brush SPF 50 – having a sunscreen in powder format is also incredibly handy.

• Jack Black intense therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 in Grapefruit – this isn’t my much-loved but it’s slim pickings for lip balms consisting of respectable SPF (if you have any recs, please share!)


• MAC Cleanse Off Oil – I have this travel bottle that I reuse whenever I travel – I decanted from my big bottle into it.

• Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye makeup Remover

• Yves Rocher three Teas Micellar Water (decanted)

• Body shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner (decanted)

• Elizabeth Arden flawless Future Eye Gel – not my much-loved but I’m close to finishing this so hopefully I can be made with it on the trip

• Clarins HydraQuench Cream

• La Roche-Posay Effaclar K – my skin always breaks out when I travel so this is preemptive strike!

• C.O. Bigelow supreme 2X Lip Shine in Spearmint – my much-loved bedtime lip product (review here)

Misc / Hair care:

• 2 week’s supply of cotton pads: I’m taking my trusty Shiseido Facial Cotton, along with some of the Up+Up exfoliating Cotton Rounds. considering that I’m not bringing any chemical exfoliants with me, I’ll rely on gentle physical exfoliation to keep my skin clear.

• Consonant Skincare Intensive organic Hand cream – you’ll notice that I didn’t include any body wash / creams. When I travel, I just rely on whatever is available at the hotels – same with shampoos. but I made a decision to bring a travel sized hand cream to keep in my carry on – the flight is 13 hours! and I know my skin will get incredibly dehydrated on the plane – in a pinch I’ll use this on my face too.

• Dove travel size antiperspirant – I tried to find a travel size deodorant considering that I’ve made the transition to deodorants, however, the cost of the travel size Lavanila was ridiculous! $13 for 25g vs $17 for 56g. I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if I’m going to pay that much for a travel deodorant!

• Neutrogena Ultra sheer DryTouch SPF 110 – sunscreen for the body

• curl Keeper (decanted)

• L’Oreal studio Line Silk & Gloss curling Spritz (decanted)

• Tresemme Tres two hair spray

• Colab extreme volume dry Shampoo in Tokyo – I just had to get the Tokyo scent so I can use it when I’m actually there!

… and that’s about it, I think. I always live in concern that I’ll forget some crucial item from my skincare.  What are your must-have skincare for travelling?  Tomorrow’s post: my travel makeup!

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