SKINSKOOL Skincare Compare™ Uncategorized Meikki ja valittavat blogi maanantaina kysely, vol. 260

Meikki ja valittavat blogi maanantaina kysely, vol. 260

Taking a break from hiking at the Indian Valley open space preserve in Novato, California

Saatat ihmetellä “, niin mitä heck on tämä maanantai kysely asiakin?”


No, se ei ole paljon kyselystä. Se on paljon enemmän säännöllisesti kehittyvää (harvoin?), Hieman satunnainen luettelo kysymyksistä, jotka olen laskenut lukijoille joka maanantai aamu viimeisten neljän vuoden aikana. Olen aina nauttia lukemaan vastauksia kommenteissa, ja toivon, että otat nautintoa lukemisessa.

What’s a makeup brand you’ve been into lately?

Dresses, skirts or pants?
Dresses when it’s warm, pants when it’s cold.

Do you like pastel nails?
Tahdon. Shiny, opaque pastel nails, please.

Describe one of your normal makeup looks for work?
Tyypillinen? That’s not exactly the word I’d use to describe what I normally wear to work. As I work from home, my neighbors have seen quite a few interesting things through my office window over the years — wonder Woman, Marge Simpson, Katy Perry, Katniss Everdeen and a whole ton of stuff involving a chubby tabby cat.

I always seem to get caught/noticed when I’m testing multiple products at the same time, which I do a lot, I’ll be sitting at my desk with, say, cat eyes and a bright cheek on one side of my face and smokey eyes and bronzer on the other.

If I had a nickel for whenever the postman saw me looking completely outrageous (I’d have a lot of nickels)…

Rainbow suspenders?
Öö ei. Not unless I’m starring in office Space, and they’re holding my 25 pieces of flair.


What was the highlight of your weekend?
Sunday, from start to finish. Sunday was an A+ day. I slept in, made breakfast (pancakes, and eggs over easy), and then El Hub and I went for a long hike around the Indian Valley open space preserve here in Novato.

It was so sunny and warm and just felt terrific to be outside.

If you had to make a major life change, would you like to ease your way into it and take baby steps, or dive in all at once?
Kaikki kerralla. I’d rather just get it over with.

Where were you in 1999?
I was in my early 20s, living in San Francisco and working as a legal assistant at a law firm.

Not one of my favorite years… I felt like I was in constant upheaval, starting with the step to the city, living with roommates I didn’t know before moving in with them, working at a job I didn’t particularly like. Bluh.

What’s something you’re grateful for today?
Sunshine! It makes everything better.

Write yourself an great note.
Karen, “Remember, one thing at a time. Don’t give up. Sinä voit tehdä sen.”

Täytä maanantai-kyselyn loppuun kopioi seuraava luettelo ja liitä se vastauksillesi kommenteisiisi.


1. What’s a makeup brand you’ve been into lately?
2. Dresses, skirts or pants?
3. Do you like pastel nails?
4. describe one of your normal makeup looks for work?
5. Rainbow suspenders?
6. highlight of your weekend?
7. Do you like taking baby steps or diving in all at once?
8. Where were you in 1999?
9. Something you’re grateful for today?
10. write yourself a great note.

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