SKINSKOOL Skincare Compare™ Cosmetics Saturday Surfing, July 18, 2020

Saturday Surfing, July 18, 2020

Hi there as well as delighted Saturday! look what I discovered on my desk this morning — a surprise work of art by the Coywolf.

There’s nothing like starting off the weekend with a bright burst of strong colors, right? ?


We’re tilling the dry, rocky California dirt, grading with huge heavy rakes as well as moving huge honkin’ rocks around the front “yard” today (IS IT ever going to END?), as well as tomorrow we’re heading to my parents’ home in Union City to have a socially distanced picnic in their backyard. We’re going to bring our camp-style 5-gallon container porta-potty thingy (yay…), camp chairs as well as camp table, as well as bring some chips as well as drinks. I’m looking ahead to the drive. Actually, I’m just looking ahead to doing anything at this point.


Entä sinä? Whatcha as much as this weekend?

Teens are utilizing masks as well as makeup to look like grandmas so they can get alcohol… as well as yes, it’s a thing on social media.

When sci-fi as well as fantasy film makeup is done so well that you can’t even acknowledge the actors.

One-step eye makeup looks!

Makeup artists vow by these drugstore products, all of which are under $20 each.

Clarisonic is going out of service as well as selling off their staying stock for 50% off.

Everything you truly requirement to understand about niacinamide

A guide to skin care as well as makeup when you’re using a mask.

What are ceramides, as well as why you may want to add them to your skin care routine.

This mani/pedi set includes all of the fundamentals — nail polish, nail polish remover, WAX FOR YOUR TOE HAIR…

Just in situation you wished to match your nail polish to your coffee order!

Random fun truth of the day: the largest bottle of perfume in the world is in Croatia.

Virtually travel to far off locations with the scents of these travel-inspired perfumes.

I like this look.

Things you can make with your hair to appear a lot more youthful; joka tiesi?

Because I undoubtedly requirement to add a lot more things to my TJ’s desire list.

Why does this look so great to me?!

I never was able to see these pics.

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