SKINSKOOL Skincare Compare™ Uncategorized The Bobbi brown Telluride Collection: If You like Your makeup stylish and easy to Wear, check Out Telluride

The Bobbi brown Telluride Collection: If You like Your makeup stylish and easy to Wear, check Out Telluride

wearing makeup from the new Bobbi brown Telluride collection — namely the Telluride Eye Palette, Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in new Maui, and sheer Lip color in Sunset Pink
Do you know the way to [SAN JOSE] Telluride?

Getting there is actually quite easy from what I understand. No matter where you are, you can literally get there in minutes.


Oikeasti! would I ever pull your leg?

Nawww, of course I wouldn’t, because there’s never any joking here. not on MBB. Ei koskaan. everything on MBB is completely major all of time.

No, really though. You will not have to endure a five-hour plane ride seated next to an extra chatty dude who won’t stop talking about Colorado mining rights. All you’ll have to do is roll on over to your favorite Bobbi brown counter when the new Telluride collection arrives this July.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

Six of the eight pieces in the new Bobbi brown Telluride collection, coming this July

Honestly, I gotta hand it to Bobbi, because if there’s one thing she is, it’s consistent. each time she releases a new collection, I know straight off that I’m going to find makeup that’s flattering and very wearable. For clean and easy everyday glam, I can always count on Bobbi.

Her new Telluride makeup collection for late summer/early fall arrives on counters this July (but for the impatient ones among us, the palette and shimmer brick are already online!). It’s a crossover seasonal collection to help you transition your makeup from summer’s hot pink glossy lips to fall’s sooty smokey eyes.

The release is inspired by Telluride, Colorado, which is one of Bobbi’s favorite destinations, and where she typically finds inspiration. The tawny nude, rose gold and pinkish bronze shades are developed to deliver a sunny glow like the late afternoon Telluride sun.

Sounds like good stuff, right? GIMME DAT TELLURIDE GLOW.

Swatches of the Telluride Eye Palette
The eight-piece collection includes the Telluride Eye palette ($52); three Pot Rouges for Lips & Cheeks in new Telluride, new Maui and Fresh Melon ($29 each); a Shimmer brick in Sunset Pink ($46); and three sheer Lip colors in new Sunset Pink, new natural Pink and Bobbi ($27).

The Eye palette and Shimmer brick will both be limited edition, so if either of those catches your eye, get them in your cart first.

If I were chilling in the real Telluride best meow, ideally poised on the balcony of an alpine resort as the late afternoon sun lights up the sky and caresses my cheeks, I’d want to be wearing this collection with a warm, rosy brown smokey eye, dewy pinkish coral cheeks with rosy bronze highlights out to HERE, and a sheer, juicy pink lip.

From the left: Bobbi brown Shimmer brick in Sunset Pink, Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in new Telluride, Pot Rouge in new Maui, sheer Lip color in Bobbi, sheer Lip color in Sunset Pink
But because I’m not in Telluride best now…I will instead wear this makeup while I clean my employer’s litter box.

Haha! Actually, I wore this collection last weekend when I went to my family for Father’s Day, and I didn’t get any strange second glances from my mom, which happens sometimes, like when I show up wearing green lipstick just to scare her.

So mother approves of Bobbi.

A few much more thoughts on the pieces I’ve tried…

The Telluride Eye palette — This has a good mix of mattes and glitters, and I like the rose, mauve, brown, and bronzed beige. The palette is like a grown-up version of the rosy gold urban Decay Naked3 palette.
The shadows blend easily and seem to last a long time (I get about eight hours). Methinks this ought to be a terrific summer-to-fall transition palette. That said, if you’ve been collecting Bobbi products for a while, you may already have some similar shades.

Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks in new Telluride and new Maui — These cream blushes have a natural-looking dewy finish and about a 5-hour wear time. The formula is very forgiving, too, as far as my pores.
If you choose to also use these on your lips, I suggest topping them with a gloss, because they can look and feel a little dry if your lips happen to be flaky like mine.

Shimmer brick in Sunset Pink — This beautiful rosy bronze will make you sigh with delight, buuut deal with it with extreme caution. I had mine in a regular ol’ makeup bag, and the individual strips popped out, waaaah! It was the first time I’d seen that happen with a Bobbi product, so be extra delicate with the pan.

Sheer Lip colors in Sunset Pink and Bobbi — These are lightweight and surprisingly pigmented for something so sheer! I really like these a lot. They last three or four hours, but you’ll probably have to reapply after stuffing yourself silly with sushi (yes, I’m hungry best now).


If you like your makeup stylish and easy to wear, check oUT Telluride. Se on klassinen Bobbi. Etsi sitä laskurit ensi kuussa.

Ystävällinen naapuruston charmin addict,


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