SKINSKOOL Skincare Compare™ Cosmetics Beauty Basics: 3 important things To Do When You’re applying Powder Eyeshadow…

Beauty Basics: 3 important things To Do When You’re applying Powder Eyeshadow…

1. begin with an eye primer

Aye, primer! as well as ahoy, matey! As any type of self-respectin’, makeup-lovin’ pirate be knowin’, ye should always begin yer eye looks with a bit o’ eye primer fer the very best eye looks, yargh!

OK, that was wackadoo. Anteeksi! however it’s about 93 degrees in my home right now, as well as I feel loopy.


No joke, though, eye primer is such a essential step, as well as one I never skip, disallowing extenuating circumstances (like 10-minute makeup looks since I’m feeling lazy or I’m running method behind), when I wear powder luomiväri.

Just like the type of primer painters use, eye primer fills the bit spaces on the surface of the skin, making lids nice as well as smooth, which in turn makes products layered on top of them last longer without settling into fine lines or applying unevenly on dry patches. Eye primers likewise keep your eye makeup from shifting around while intensifying powder shadow colors, which are all fantastic things!

Most (but not all) eye primers have a creamy consistency similar to eye creams, as well as they are available in great deals of different type of packaging. Some are available in a tube that appears like mascara as well as have a doe-foot applicator. Others are available in capture tubes, as well as others are available in pots.


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They usually are available in different shades, too, although some are un-tinted — with the concept for those being that they won’t interfere with any type of other colors you layer on top. Some lightly tinted varieties can likewise color correct discoloration on the lids, as well as those tinted ones aren’t supposed to interfere with whatever shadows you pop on top of them, however I discover that they usually do modify them a little.

I believe un-tinted colorless primers are great options for novices since they can be utilized with a wide range of looks, as well as my favorite, favorite, preferred one of all time is NARS Pro-Prime Smudge-Proof (not just for beginners, however for anyone), which I understand I mention every 10 or 15 minutes. however I totally stand behind it. I try new primers all the time, as well as I have yet to discover anything I like better.

A tube will last me about half a year. Your mileage may vary, however of what it’s worth, I wear a great deal of eye makeup.

2. invest in some high quality brushes

From the left: MAC 239, MAC 224 as well as MAC 217 brushes

You understand that whole “right tool for the job” thing? It’s totally true. Fingers as well as foam applicators will work sometimes, however sometimes you can’t get the precision you requirement without the right shaped brush, particularly when blending.

Here are three type of brushes that I discover myself utilizing a lot…

A flat eyeshadow clean — These are great at pressing eyeshadow on the lids as well as in the crease, as well as getting a great deal of color on the skin quickly. You can likewise utilize them to apply shadow along your lower lash lines.

A tapered blending clean — fantastic for blending. They are available in truly handy when you’re working in the crease. They diffuse colors well over big areas which makes for beautifully blown-out gradients, as well as you can likewise utilize these for quick laundries of color around your lids.

A fluffy domed clean — These can likewise be utilized for blending, however they have a denser, more compact head than tapered blending brushes, so they don’t diffuse color to the exact same degree. great for when you want to smooth out edges without totally blowing them out, as well as some people likewise like to utilize these to apply color into the crease.

There are countless clean choices available at every cost point, however for natural hair brushes, I truly like the MAC 239, MAC 224 as well as MAC 217. I believe Laura Mercier’s brushes are likewise great, as are Sonia Kashuk’s.

And for synthetics, I like any type of of the brushes by RealTechniques as well as as well Faced.

3. If you plan to do a great deal of blending, lay down a light layer of one more powder product first, on top of your primer

Chanel loose Powder in 40 Dore
This is totes key, girlfriend, particularly if you plan to do a great deal of blending, like for a smoky eye!

Start by dusting a light layer of powder — I just utilize a translucent deal with powder as well as a tapered blending clean — on top of your primer, before you begin applying your eyeshadow. The powder will assist smooth whatever out even more as well as will absorb any type of areas that are still wet with primer, so your eyeshadow won’t look patchy.

It’ll likewise provide your lids a bit of slip like a lubricant…made of powder, to ensure that products layered on top will glide on without any type of resistance.


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