SKINSKOOL Skincare Compare™ Cosmetics Mesmerizing Molten Metallics Bare all in the new MAC Magnetic nude Collection, concerning Counters December 26

Mesmerizing Molten Metallics Bare all in the new MAC Magnetic nude Collection, concerning Counters December 26

The beautiful new MAC Magnetic nude collection!
I need much more EYES!

And cheeks and lips.


LOL! maybe then I wouldn’t look so cray-cray.

Because I couldn’t wait to try on the beautiful new MAC Magnetic nude collection (coming out December 26), I’m wearing two different eye looks at the moment, my cheeks don’t match, and my lip color is split down the middle.

I look like the Joker’s evil sister.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

And that’s why I didn’t make an appearance in this video.

Here’s a tabletop look at the new Magnetic nude collection (and a very quick look at the new Huggable Lipcolours and two new MAC false Lashes).

Also, if you happen to be YouTube averse, or if they block it at the office, here are some pics…

10,000-Foot summary of the MAC Magnetic nude Collection

26 pieces, limited edition

Available at MAC counters, stores and online December 26 through February 6, 2014; launches internationally some time in January

Lots of metallics and nudes, also a strong rose gold vibe

In the release, skin is radiant, eyes are metallic and smokey, and cheeks and lips are subtle and sexy

Here are 23 of the 26 pieces; the items not shown are Opulash Mascara in bad Bad Black, the 128 Split Fibre Cheek brush and the 235 Split Fibre all over Eye brush

Here are pics and swatches. I’ll be posting looks and reviews over the next few days…

MAC Magnetic nude collection product pics

The five new Magnetic nude extra dimension Eye Shadows, $19.50 each us and $22.50 CAN
A natural Flirt extra dimension Eye Shadow, an iridescent light pink with a metallic finish
Sweet heat extra dimension Eye Shadow, a soft peachy pink with a metallic finish
Silver Dawn extra dimension Eye Shadow, a dirty grey mauve with a metallic finish
Amorous Alloy extra dimension Eye Shadow, a deep terracotta copper with a metallic finish
Platinum love extra dimension Eye Shadow, a bright clean silver with a metallic finish
Kolme magneettinen nude fluides, $ 16 kussakin Yhdysvalloissa ja 19 dollaria
Se on fyysinen fluidilevy, ruskea, jossa on violetti helmi ja helmi
Meidän salainen fluidilevy, metallinen ruskea, punertava helmi ja helmi viimeistely
Jäähdytetty fluidilevi, himmeä valkoinen kulta helmillä
The four new Magnetic nude extra dimension Blushes, $25 each us and $29.50 CAN

Ilomalli ylimääräinen ulottuvuus punastua, pehmeä terrakotta, jossa on helmi ja satiini
Hämärässä ylimääräisessä ulottuvuudessa skinfinish punastua, likainen hämmästyttävä vaaleanpunainen satiinin viimeistely
AutoRotique Extra Dimension Blush, likainen koralli nousi satiinin viimeistelyllä
The three Magnetic nude extra dimension Skinfinishes, $30 each us and $35 CAN
Superb extra dimension Skinfinish, a soft peachy nude with multidimensional shimmer
Fairly precious extra dimension Skinfinish, a peach with dimensional pearly green
Magnetic appeal extra dimension Skinfinish, a medium tan with fine golden shee
Neljä magneettista nude-huulipunaa, 15 dollaria ja $ 18 voi
Sensual Sparks Lipstick, a dirty amazing caramel with an Amplified finish
Sulje yhteys Lipstick, kermainen persikka, jolla on vahvistettu viimeistely
Carnal Instinct Lipstick, a deep brick red with golden pearl and a frost finish
Morning rose Lipstick, a soft amazing rose with a Cremesheen finish
The five Magnetic nude Lipglasses, $15 each us and $18 CAN
Hiljainen roar liplass, kermainen valkoinen
Voi rakas huulipuna, vaalean kellertävä vaaleanpunainen
Ylpeys liput, likainen mykistynyt koralli
Helvetti sidottu liplassi, tiili punainen kultaisella helmillä
Steel Kiss Lipglass, likainen mauve vihreällä helmillä

MAC Magnetic nude collection swatches on my NC42 skin

Lipsticks vasemmalta: Sulje yhteys, aistilliset kipinät, lihallinen vaisto ja aamu nousi
Magneettinen nude-värit, liplassit vasemmalta: hiljainen roar, oh rakas, ylpeys, helvetti sidottu ja teräs suudelma
Fluidlines vasemmalta: jäähdytetty, se on fyysinen ja salaisuus
Extra dimension Eye shadows from the left: A natural Flirt, sweet Heat, Platinum Love, Amorous Alloy and Silver Dawn
Extra dimension Blushes from the left: At Dusk, Autoerotique and pleasure Model
Extra dimension Skinfinishes from the left: Superb, Magnetic appeal and fairly Precious

23 of the 26 pieces


Soooooo…whatdja think?

Ystävällinen naapuruston charmin addict,


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