SKINSKOOL Skincare Compare™ Uncategorized 9 Rad reasons to raid the Trader Joe’s holiday gift section right Meow

9 Rad reasons to raid the Trader Joe’s holiday gift section right Meow

It’s that time of year again! — that time when you go into Trader Joe’s meaning to only get a loaf of gluten-free sliced bread (El Hub extremely suggests the one in the eco-friendly bag. He states the one in the pink bag tastes like sawdust.) as well as entrust to a cart full of snacks as well as holiday gifts “allegedly” for other people, however truly they’re just for you.

1. Ginger Ultra Moisturizing Hand cream ($4.99)

It took every ounce of my willpower to not put all of these in my basket…
Tämä on niin hyvää. I bought three tubes since #hoarders, as well as I’m going back for more. It smells precisely like Origins Ginger Souffle Lotion. If you’re unsure about ginger scents, ask somebody who works at TJ’s if they can open a tube so you can test it out first! That’s what I did, as well as the sales clerk mentioned that he ended up getting one for himself, each of his aunties, his sisters as well as his mom.


Hyvä mies!

2. Lip treatment Duo ($3.99)

Be gone, dry lips!
A woman I was chatting up in the beauty section stated that she bought this duo last year, as well as she 100% suggested it if you have dry lips.

3. Gingerbread Scented candle ($3.99)

Smells great sufficient to eat (but you shouldn’t since it’s just a candle)
Another suggestion from my homegirl in the beauty section. It smells just like a gingersnap!


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

What a steal!
4. Macaron Soap ($4.99)

Looks great sufficient to eat? (But you shouldn’t since it’s soap.)
How adorable are these bit soaps? You may have to tell anyone who utilizes your bathroom not to eat them though!

An inexpensive stocking-stuffer
5. deal with Mask Trio ($6.99)

Different masks for different needs
I’m so intrigued by the increased Gel Mask! pro tip/hack: If you see something in a gift set that you wanna keep for yourself, just break up the set as well as provide away the things you don’t want as stocking-stuffers.

6. exfoliating Body Scrub Trio ($7.99)

I have a full-sized exfoliating body scrub from TJ’s that I love, as well as I bet these minis in different scents are just as great.

7. Handwoven Recycled newspaper Baskets ($5.99)

Snazzy organizers
Each basket looks different, as well as they feel sturdy, too.

Pretty spacious

Just picture all the feline treats (or makeup) you might fill this with.
How awesome is this?
8. Olive wood serving as well as cutting Board ($11.99)

I like the different patterns on the grain.
These disappeared quicker than a skittish street feline at TJ’s last year.

Dreaming of all the cheese one might screen on this board…
9. Olive wood bowl ($5.99)

Lots of different colors!
Yet one more extremely sought-after gift that was gone with the wind in a heartbeat last year. I’m going back on Friday to grab a few of the elongate bowls. I like exactly how they all look so different.

These elongate ones are my favorites.


Happy holiday shopping!

Your friendly community beauty as well as Trader Joe’s addict,


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