SKINSKOOL Skincare Compare™ Cosmetics Easy on the Eyes: A Wearable, easy Eyeshadow look With Purple and brown

Easy on the Eyes: A Wearable, easy Eyeshadow look With Purple and brown

As Usher so famously said, “These are my confessions.”

I have three of them today…


1. I’ve been bopping in my chair all afternoon to this tune by Canadian singer, Lights

So catchy!

2. My obsession with Jeremy Renner just reached vital mass…

…and it’s all because of Jeremy Renner’s Arms.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

I found out today that his (J-Ren’s) family is from Modesto, which is only about 100 miles east of here.

I’m lured to drive available next weekend and walk around downtown yelling, “JER-eh-MEEEEEEEE! I LUUURVE YOU!”

3. I utilized to be absolutely dumbfounded by purple eyeshadow

I just couldn’t figure out what to finish with it (this was back when I mainly used browns and beige), and whenever I tried to wear it, blech! — I appeared like the loser in a barroom brawl.

But I’ve never given up on purple, because I like it as well much to throw in the towel.

In fact, just this last weekend I provided it another try, setting my sights on something easy and wearable (been burned as well numerous times before), and this is what I came up with…

Fun! I kinda like the method it turned out.

I’m using a brown matte shadow over a shimmery golden beige base with a flash of purple on the lids. I believe the thin line of black liner along the upper lash line provides the look some extra depth and makes my lashes look a bit thicker, while the shimmer in the inner corners opens up the eyes.

Why purple?

Well, why not? Purple shadows can truly do a great deal for your eye color. I believe they can be very quite with brown, hazel, green, blue and gray eyes.

I understand they can be a bit scary, especially if you typically stay with neutral shades, but fear not! This look here is actually quite wearable. When the eyes are open, you mainly see the brown, but when you blink, there’s a quite flash of purple.

Could be a good look for a laid-back (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) Friday.

Plus, it’s not that time consuming or difficult. No heavy duty blending, and the whole eye ought to take between 10-15 minutes.

First things first

Let’s pull together our components for this bit recipe (I’ve been viewing a great deal of cooking shows lately)…

Here I’m utilizing a few different products from metropolitan Decay, MAC, Bobbi brown and Dolce & Gabbana, but nothing here is irreplaceable. Please mix and match with any brands you have on hand or switch out colors that you feel better fit you.

Clockwise from the purple pan on the left: metropolitan Decay Eyeshadow in Flash, MAC Eyeshadow in Vex, MAC paint Pot in Bare Study, MAC Eyeshadow in Soft Brown, Bobbi brown Long-Wear Eye Pencil in Jet, MAC 219 Pencil Brush, MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush, MAC 217 Blending Brush, Dolce & Gabbana Blending Brush, MAC 266 little Angle Brush

Starting with your shimmery golden beige shadow (or similar shade)…

Sometimes my lids are like a Chevron refinery (read: oily). When they are, I begin by priming them. In this look, after priming, push a shimmery golden beige cream shadow like MAC paint Pot in Bare research study on your lids and into the crease with a finger, and utilize your fingers to blend out the edges.

That’s RGB nail polish in Minty on my nails

I utilized a shimmery shade for this step because I like how the shimmer peeks with the matte brown shadow. I believe the combination of completes kind of provides the look some extra dimension, but you could always choose a matte golden beige if you’re much more into matte looks.

Time to get brown!

Next, get a blending clean like the MAC 217, and utilize it to apply your matte brown eyeshadow from your lash line up into your crease.

Try to concentrate the lion’s share of the color on the outer part of your eyelid (the side toward your ear), shooting for a gradient effect that moves from darker (on the outside) to lighter (toward the bridge of your nose). For this I utilized MAC Soft Brown.

Sweep the exact same matte brown eyeshadow along your lower lash line with a flat eyeshadow clean like the MAC 239.

Now, get a clean blending clean — I utilized the one from Dolce & Gabbana here — and run everything along the edges to soften everything.

Violetti sade!

And it feels so good. When you’re prepared for some color, tons your 239 with a purple eyeshadow like metropolitan Decay Eyeshadow in Flash. tap off any excess against the edge of the sink or a paper towel (we don’t want any fallout!), and apply it along your upper lash line.

I find it assists to believe of the purple in this step as a truly thick eyeliner that’s at its thickest in the outer corner and gets progressively thinner as it moves in toward the bridge of your nose.

Right here, utilize a clean blending clean to soften and diffuse the edge between your purple and brown eyeshadows.

Line please?

Next up, liner! tons a little angle clean with somepigmentti suorittamalla se alas ehdotus mustan kynän vuorauksen pari kertaa. Katson täällä, käytin Mac 266 puhdasta ja Bobbi Brownin pitkäaikainen silmäkynä suihkulla.

Ota tämä puhdas sinun ja piirrä hyvin ohut viiva pitkin ylemmän ripsien linjaa, ja kun olet valmis, suorita kuitenkin paljon liner pysyy puhtaalla pitkin alemman ripsien linjaa.

Arvaa mitä. Olet melkein siellä!

Nyt, antaa silmillesi paljon syvyyttäsi, saada musta eyeliner kynä uudelleen ja rivi ylempi ripsien linja, saada kaiken menetelmän sijalla ripsesi juurien välillä. Ihannetapauksessa haluat vankan mustan rivin tässä ilman ihoa peeking läpi.

Minun, mitä suuria silmiä sinulla on!

Lyijykynän käyttäminen Puhdista kuin Mac 219, aiomme heittää tyypin oikeinkirjoituksen, joka näyttää suurenee silmäsi, hyödyntäen valoa Shimmery Shadow, kuten MAC Vex, jota käytetään sisäkulmissa.

Purple itseäsi takana

Koska teit sen! Viimeistele suosikki ripsivärillä ylä- ja alapuolella.


Muita meikkiä käytetään tässä ulkoasussa …

Tee Ever Aqua Brown Ash: Curren

Mac Haute & Naughty kuin Myös mustat ripsien: ripset

NARS PURE SOLD sävytetty kosteusvoide St. Moritz ja Kuuba: kasvot

Mac Studio CareBlend / painettu jauhe Medium Dark: Otsa, nenä ja leuka

Mac Valitse Moisturecover NW25: Silmien alla

Mac mineralize SkinFinish Natural In Anna minulle Sun: takaisin posket

Becca Blush Damselfly ja Flowerchild: omenat posket

Mac huulipuna puhuvat kovemmin: huulet

RGB kynsilakka Minty: Nails


Joten mitä uskot Purple Eyeshadowista? Käytätkö sitä erittäin usein?

Ystävällinen yhteisön kauneudenhaku,


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