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Saturday Surfing: April 1, 2017

Fell in like with a girl
“Enjoy the bit things, for someday you may look back as well as recognize they were the huge things.”

– Robert Brault

This was one of those weeks where I blinked on Monday, as well as it was Friday when I opened my eyes. like boom! — the week was over. What the what!?

I assumption I was busier than I thought. Isn’t it odd exactly how time truly does seem to go by quicker when you’re busy? I question why that is…


I keep in mind exactly how a week seemed to stretch on permanently when I was a kid. My, exactly how things change.

I’ve had that quote up there at the top on my mind. I understand that when I get hectic doing daily stuff, time flies, as well as you can’t get these moments back. Gotta always keep in mind to cherish things since the only constant in life is that whatever is temporary.

OK! on that note (LOL!), I still discovered time to surf the Interwebz a bit this week, as well as right here are some things that crossed my path.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

I’m absolutely guilty of numbers 15, 16, 17 as well as 20 (among lots of other fashion crimes) on this listing of forgotten early-2000s fashion trends.
And number 6.

And 13.

Don’t even pretend like you didn’t go there, too, since I understand you did!

Tämä. TÄMÄ!!! Aw, man, I desire I’d developed the PonyDry. It lets you laundry your roots while keeping your ends totally dry. It’s genius!

Ever question what occurs to all those leftover bars of hotel soap that you utilize only once?

This is a thing: people who don’t have freckles however want them are getting freckle tattoos.

For the fragrance hounds: science is coming up with new methods to produce totally new scents that we’ve never smelled before.

Apparently, there’s a trick Sephora appeal forum/society called appeal Talk, as well as it’s all type of cool. must we join?? We must join.

Sabrina has the skinny on the new Glossier Cloud paint liquid blushes.

That blue as well as green, tho!! Jane takes us on a California road trip with swatches of the new Essie spring 2017 Collection.

Eugenia’s pics of the Guerlain spring 2017 Collection are breathtaking!

Amy as well as Liz from cafe makeup loooove the new NARS Banc de Sable highlighting palette.

Bobbi brown does not want to contour your face.

Ja joitakin videoita

I swear, if Tabs discovered exactly how to do this, I’d be hearing bells ALL DAMN DAY.

One of my preferred people on YouTube, Dani from CoffeeBreakwithDani, shares her monthly faves from March.

MAC senior artist Keri Blair shows us exactly how she utilizes the new MAC next to nothing deal with Colour foundation.

In situation you were wondering, shine tears are a thing.

Hei ystävä! delighted April 1st. Today I’m doing some much-needed spring cleaning around the home (even though I truly don’t want to), as well as tomorrow I hope to take Connor to the park, if the weather’s nice, since there’s going to be a complimentary Kindermusik class. as well as yes, I believe I’m a lot more ecstatic than she is at the prospect of singing as well as dancing around outside.


Mitä teet tänään?

Ystävällinen yhteisön valituslääketieteesi,


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