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Where’s the Strangest place You’ve ever applied Your Makeup?

have brush, will travel
Trains, planes, automobiles? Rowboats, rickshaws, dogsleds, airport terminals? The restroom at da cloob?

Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever applied your makeup?


Most of my doozies involve travel or deadlines. Or travel and frenetic rushing.

One time I applied NARS Amour blush in a restroom on a ferryboat crossing the San Francisco Bay…which you might think could be kind of amazing and poetic (“She braved the sea aboard a terrific ship to meet her love, sweeping NARS Amour across her cheeks as waves lapped against the hull…”), except that it wasn’t.

It actually really sucked. It was like trying to apply blush in a sardine can being shaken by a giant… Haha! I barely had enough room to raise my arm high enough to reach my face, and it was also dark in there, so I couldn’t see sh*t!


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

Oh, the boat was also rocking back and forth, too, which made me seasick.

And then there’s BART (Bay area rapid Transit, the Bay Area’s subway system). Yes, I was one of those women applying her makeup at the crack of dawn on the train. and my automobile (as a passenger, I might add). and various airport restrooms (usually challenging because the lighting typically sucks).

I can’t be the only one with stories like these (please tell me I’m not). Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever applied your makeup?

Ystävällinen naapuruston charmin addict,


P.S. pleased 4th of July! Mitä teet tänään?

Do you have the day off from work? are there any amazing fireworks displays in your area? El Hub always talks about popping firecrackers when he was growing up in Hawaii. everything was legal there back then, even firecrackers and bottle rockets. Firecrackers are banned here, but there are some big fireworks displays, like a big one in San Rafael at the Marin county Fair. I really want to bring my video camera and try my luck at fireworks photography.

Things are a little chill here today at Tabs the cat Industries, LLC. Tabs is between modeling jobs, so he gave me the afternoon off.


After playing with makeup for a spell, I think I’ll sneak out to the pool.

Whatever you’re up to, have a terrific day, and remember that…

Photo by jeff_golden
P.S. EDIT: Okay, I’ve been reading your comments, and uh…!? I thought my ferry one was weird, but apparently not. Rachel, gurl, yours made me laugh out loud!

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