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Cat Eyes With a Twist, as well as an open Letter to Jeremy Renner

Dear Jeremy Renner,

Siitä on aikaa…


Okay, we’ve never really communicated, however I rather enjoy composing you these letters as well as will continue to do so since 1) I have a tendency to babble, as well as 2) you’re so very, extremely hot.

Jeremy, I have a proposition for you.

Do you keep in mind the Kelly Clarkson show I mentioned going to last Saturday?


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Osta nyt

Of program you do. Well, since the show, I’ve been listening to a great deal of Kelly’s music, as well as I’ve grown especially fond of Don’t Rush, her new country duet with Vince Gill.

Here’s my idea: you, me, a karaoke bar as well as that song.

Awesomeness, right? You might look adoringly into my eyes as we sing the chorus (please!), however I should warn you — don’t be distracted by my great feline eyeliner, with its additional bit twist.

Yeah, it’s a new look I’ve been rocking all the time long.

It’s like a routine feline eye, except with an extra, second wing running parallel to the primary flick.

I saw it on the artwork for Kelly’s single, already Gone, as well as thought, “Haaay! exactly how great is that?!”

And it wasn’t even that difficult to do. I started with a routine feline eye utilizing my preferred gel liner, MAC Blacktrack, as well as my go-to Sonia Kashuk bent liner Brush. Then, when I completed with the feline eye, I drew a small additional flick on each eye.

Se siitä! simple as pie.

Brows: hourglass Arch Brow shaping Pencil; Eyes: Shimmery peachy eyeshadow as well as black eyeshadow from the new Bobbi brown Bellini Lip & Palette, LORAC pro Mascara; Cheeks: MAC simple way Blush; Lips: hourglass vintage Lipstick topped with a shimmery gloss from Bobbi’s Bellini Palette
Being a former makeup artist, you may be wondering why I opted to utilize Blacktrack instead of a liquid liner like LORAC Front of the Line Pro.

Well, J. Renn, that’s an excellent question.

I just discover that gel liners are generally thicker as well as easier to control, however that’s me. With your background as well as steady, positive hands, you might most likely utilize a liquid liner as well as get additional sharp, crisp lines.

Next time I try this, I believe I may layer a liquid liner on top of Blacktrack, just for kicks.

Oh, as well as say thanks to you for noticing the angle I utilized for the flicks. Yes, I purposefully drew them almost horizontally, as opposed to angling them up toward the ends of my brows. I did it since I felt like it provided the appearance of more elongated, feline eyes, mrrrrow!


Well, Jeremy, it’s been excellent speaking to you again. keep doing those push-ups, as well as feel free to stop by shirtless anytime.

Ystävällinen yhteisön kauneudenhaku,


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