SKINSKOOL Skincare Compare™ Uncategorized The new Anastasia want You to want Me holiday kit Sings songs of Soft Satin finishes as well as Long-Lasting wear

The new Anastasia want You to want Me holiday kit Sings songs of Soft Satin finishes as well as Long-Lasting wear

I have an urgent as well as important concern for you, friend!

Oletko valmis…?


Valmistaudu. right here goes: what’s your karaoke song?


Okay, so perhaps it wasn’t important in the Merriam-Webster sense of the word, however I’m curious.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

Minä? I have a couple of musical standbys honed by the fires of fifty Filipino household gatherings! Seriously, you can always count on two things at a Filipino celebration — 1) a redonkulous amount of food as well as 2) karaoke!

Myself, I like to warm up with a little Phil Collins…

“She’s an simple lover! She’ll take your heart however you won’t feel it!”

And then truly get the crowd choosing inexpensive Trick…

“I waaaant yoooo to want meeee!”

The later meets the three essential requirements of a top karaoke song. It’s upbeat, almost everybody knows the words to it (so they can sing along), as well as it doesn’t need any type of complex vocal gymnastics, which is great since I reserve that kind of thing for my vehicle or shower.

Next time I hit the mic (hopefully soon — karaoke, anyone?), I’m wearing Anastasia’s new holiday 2012 eye makeup kit, since not only does it pay homage to my go-to karaoke tune, however the colors are just plain pretty!

The $34 restricted edition want You to want Me kit’s lush velvet situation houses sufficient eye makeup to keep your eyes glowing softly while you rock all night long.

The kit includes…

A gift box with a velvet cover, chain detailing as well as a magnetic closure (so pretty!)

An eyeshadow palette with nine powder shades in mainly shimmery brown, beige, taupe as well as purple colors; the palette pops out of the larger velvet box for simple touch-ups on the road

A black liquid eyeliner with a thin brush applicator

A clear brow gel

A little dual-tipped brush

If you have trubs with eyeshadows that vanish like David Copperfied halfway with the day (POOF!), you just may autumn for this palette. I mean, these are shadows Methuselah would like! That is, they last a really, truly long time.

I wore them a few times last week layered on top of primer, as well as I barely noted any type of creasing or fading, even after 12 hours of wear. I bet they’d handle oily lids with aplomb.

Unfortunately, I do notice a bit of fallout with them when I fail to remember to tap my brush to eliminate the excess product before applying, however that’s ended up being second nature for me now.

In this case, I’m willing to online with a little fallout (and tapping the brush helps) from the shadows on account of their incredible wear time, as well as without the minor fallout, I believe these shadows would be poi-fect.

Oh, as well as for my gals with fine lines (right there with ya, boo!), the satin surface from the shimmery shades are so, so forgiving. They look rather shiny in the swatches, I know, however when I get them my lids, the shimmer mellows into more of a soft glow. If you like wearing shiny finishes however feel like you can’t do frosts since they seem to highlight wrinkles, you’ll want to try on this palette.

As for the rest of the kit…

The dual-tipped brush: The little heads at both ends of the dual-tipped brush aren’t precisely awe-inspiring…but they do a good task of lining along my lash lines. beyond that, though, I’ll utilize a different brush.

The brow gel: To quote expense (and Ted) from their ’80s adventure, “Excellent!” The matte surface looks natural to me, as well as the firm hold freezes my caterpillar brows in location as well as keeps them there all day.

The liquid liner: I dig the deep black color as well as matte finish, however the brush hella stresses me out! I had difficulty drawing crisp lines with it as well as ended up swiping it on the back of my hand first, as well as then utilizing my Sonia Kashuk bent brush to apply it from there.

All told, the want You to want Me holiday kit succeeded in making me want it. It may not be perfect, however I believe there’s some fantastic stuff here, like the long-lasting shadows as well as brow gel.

PRICE: $34
AVAILABILITY: offered now at Sephora stores as well as
MAKEUP as well as beauty blog RATING: B+

Sock it to me!

Today for the very first time in months, I woke up chilly as well as put on a pair of socks.

On the one hand (foot?), I’m thrilled about the return of boot season (yay!), however I’m stone chilly mad about the prospect of winter…

Have you discovered that the days are getting shorter, too? Time to state so long to the fantastic sunlight in my office at 4 in the afternoon. now that’s when I’m turning on the lamp on my desk, boo!

Oh, well… At least I have my feline woman socks to keep me warm.


Do you have any type of fun pairs of socks? What’s your preferred pair?

Your friendly yhteisön kauneuden addikti,


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