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Sunnuntaisin välilehti kissa, meikki ja valitus blogi maskotti, vol. 379

Workin’ on my fitness with kitty pull-ups
Minun rakkaani,

The new year is upon us, and, with that, lots of new year’s resolutions. I was talking to a few kitty pals of mine, and one resolution that always pops up is getting fit.


Believe it or not, despite my statuesque frame, fitness is something I actually have to work hard to achieve. This body doesn’t come naturally.

Well…most of it does, but I do have to put in the work, and I believe in putting in the work, especially in the pursuit of purr-fection.

Because you’re my favorite fans, here are my top ideas to get in tip-top shape in 2016.


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Walking works!

Don’t believe the hype: it’s not always about high-impact exercise. Sure, all of that exciting stuff is terrific — running, CrossFit, aerobicising — but I like good, old-fashioned walking. You don’t need a fancy gym membership or lots of gear; just you, the open road (or the treadmill) and the desire to sweat.

I Apple TV

The terrific thing about the new Apple TV ($149) is the apps. It’s just like the iphone and iPad now, except for the TV. There’s an app store with all kinds of apps, including the usuals — Netflix, Hulu, YouTube — but also a bunch of games, cooking apps and apps for art, fashion and fitness.

So lots of apps!

One of my favorites is called Sing. There’s an iphone version where people sing along karaoke-style to different songs while they record themselves with the camera, and then you can enjoy them on your TV.

It’s a blast! Some people really get into it. I’m gonna have my assistant install the mobile version on my iphone so I can practice my singing.

There are also some terrific kitty (and human) fitness Apple TV apps like Zova, with new apps coming out every day.

Try these amazing fitness-friendly mobile apps

Audible — Ooh! I just love Audible! I highly recommend an Audible subscription for fun and fitness. thanks to Audible, I’ve been reading so lots of books lately, on account of my not having to actually read them and being able to listen to them on my iphone while I do other things, like work on my hot bod.

The $14.95 Gold level monthly subscription gets you one credit scores per month that you can use to get any audio book you want, and as a member you also get a 30% discount on all other audiobooks, which is a pretty good deal.

I share a subscription with my assistant because she and I like a lot of the same books…

Netflix — You probably know all about Netflix by now, but you might not know that they have a mobile app, and you can use it to enjoy Netflix on the go on your tablet or phone.

Sometimes I’ll use it when I’m walking on the treadmill because it really makes the time fly. I can get a good sweat going while I catch up on my telenovelas…

Spotify — There are tons of streaming music services out there, but I mostly like Spotify because of their genre and mood stations, like the Britney Body Workout, Vinyasa flow and the Nike Running tempo Mix, which are generally like really terrific playlists.

And then when I’m done exercising and want to work on my memoirs for a bit, I’ll turn on the Deep focus station to get my mind into a creative zone…

Se todella toimii!


I just use the complimentary membership, which has access to all of the mood stations. There are some ads every once in a while, but there are also ad-free pay memberships if you’re so inclined.

I hope these ideas help you’ll achieve fitness and fabulousness in 2016.

Rock that bod,

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