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Belated birthday provides

I believed I’d publish these belated birthday provides considering that they’re all appeal related!  Since I was away for my actual birthday in July, I got a few of my provides later (not the givers’ fault!)  Here’s what I got (or bought with the gift card that I received):

Yeeeeeaaaaah nail polish nail polish nail polish!

Firstly, my good friend took pity on me as well as gotten me a replacement tube of my cherished Shiseido Benefiance additional Creamy Cleansing Foam considering that I pointed out that I may wean myself off this:

She’s like a medication dealer, man. (Actually, I’m a lot more of a medication dealership considering that I suggested this product to her, as well as she likes it now too.)

Then, my work friend shocked me with a lot of Sinful colors nail polishes:

(Yeah she didn’t even bother to take off the cost stickers lol)

I had published on Instragram when I identified these at Dollarama (yes they expense $1.50 at our “dollar” store as well as yes, I recognize they’re more affordable in the US. Sinful colors retail for $2.99 right here at Rexall so this is a discounted cost to us!)  I showed them to her when we were browsing as well as she went back as well as gotten me 17 of them – at $1.50 a pop, she spent less than $30 for all these – yippee! I can’t wait to try them (she stated she didn’t understand what colours to select for me so she just grabbed ones that looked interesting). Minä vastaanotin:

L R:
Red Eye – 2014 hard like Collection
Purple Heart – holiday 2013 Mirror Metallics collection
Triple Platinum – holiday 2013 Mirror Metallics collection
Blue Steel – holiday 2013 embellish Decadently collection (Zoolander reference, anyone?)

L R:
Who’s the Gloss – Sinful radiate variety (notice these 3 have gunmetal handles instead of the black? This shade looks to be a Chanel Paradoxal dupe)
Go glossy – Sinful radiate range
Slick – Sinful radiate range
Cool leather – autumn 2013 leather Luxe collection
Inkwell – autumn 2012 Enchanted collection
Whipped – autumn 2013 leather Luxe collection

L R:
Leather loose – autumn 2013 leather Luxe collection
Isän tyttö
Mint Apple
Bali Mist
Embers only – summertime 2014 Simmer Down collection

Before this, I only had 4 Sinful colors polishes – now I have a grand overall of 21!

And drum roll… with my Holt Refrew gift card, I gotten myself a Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipstick in Bitch Perfect!

How remarkable is the shade name? I’ve worn it as well as it is divine.  I’ll publish a a lot more complete evaluation with swatches coming up.  

Thank you, say thanks to you, say thanks to you for my makeup loot, you understand who you are!  Aaaand that’s all I’m going to mention about my damn birthday for this year.

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