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Share a tip Tuesdays: This quick Cleanup tip Rocked the foundations of My Eye makeup

using an hourglass Foundation/Blush brush No. 2

This week my tip is one I use pretty much every day. since I like to apply my foundation before doing my eye makeup (but more on that in a few), my foundation brush is usually within arm’s reach, which is great, because I also use it to clean up after myself, by sweeping away any excess eyeshadow fallout.


Before I ever gave this a try, I just assumed the brush would only scoot the pigments around, rather than pick them up, making the issue of fallout even worse, but nope! like a makeup Swiffer Sweeper, the brush picks up the pigments it can, and brushes the bigger crumbs away.

It saves from having to clean up with a cotton pad or cleansing water (I can be messy, after all).

On a related note, I didn’t always apply my foundation before my eye makeup. In fact, it’s actually a pretty recent development…

No real reason for the switch, though, other than wanting to try something different, but after doing it a while, I came to prefer it — putting on my base before my eye makeup. and now, doing it this way, I can finish my makeup faster than I could before.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

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Ya know, it’s true what they say — it never hurts to try new things with your makeup.

And speaking of that, thanks for all the great tips you left last week on our first Share a tip Tuesday. Here’s just a taste of the delicious knowledge you dropped about eyeliner in the comments last week…

“My eyeliner tip would be — do your eyeliner in stages. I normally do teeny tiny dots really, really close to my upper lash line, and then after im done, I connect the dots. With this technique, I can get my eyeliner really close to my upper lash line, which is how I like it.”
— Nina

“Whoa! look at all the eyeliners! My tip is to draw a thick messy line and then thin it out with a q tip. that gives me complete control over the thickness.”

“My eyeliner tip: show some love to navy blue eyeliners. They make the whites of your eyes look whiter and clearer, thus you look more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. That and a shimmery wash of shadow on the lid and you look like you’ve actually had some decent sleep!”

“When applying eyeliner with a brush on someone else, come in from the side of the face for the top of the eye and angle the brush down (so the brush is pointing down, vertically, and you’re not going in horizontally), and brace your hand on the jawline and angle the brush up for under the eye. I did makeup for 4 other gals this last weekend for my sister’s wedding, and after the second person I started using this technique. I was too worried about touching peoples’ faces at first, but it turns out it really helps to steady your hand if you brace it against the person’s head!”

“For liquid liners, get your line perfect before you start winging out for that cat eye. Blink a lot before you put on liquid liners. The hope is that your eye muscles are steady while you try to cover your lash line. Dashes work better for liquid liner. put your attention to places you struggle with before you do the easy areas. quick strokes go on thinner than slow strokes.”

This week, I’d love to hear how you clean up your eye makeup mistakes. got any tips to share?


Ystävällinen naapuruston kauneuden addikti,


P.S. Oh, if you have a makeup/beauty tip on a different topic (not related to cleanup), please share that one, too. Mitä enemmän, sen hauskempaa!

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